Dr.Atef Maherzi

Welcome to this site, which I hope will meet your expectations, whatever your age, gender or concerns.
With 25 years of experience, I have seen the growing interest in Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine.
This development falls within the framework of the concept of “aging well” encompassing a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet and physical exercise to feel good about yourself and at any age.
My conception of the aesthetic act, whether medical or surgical, is to give the result that is as natural as possible.
To erase a wrinkle, rejuvenate a face while preserving its charm and the personality of its features is my doctrine.
My know-how aims to give my patients nostalgic for their silhouette of the past or wishing to enhance their body all the self- confidence essential to their physical, mental and social well-being.


Facial surgery techniques have evolved over the past decades, facelifts today no longer leave faces frozen, on the contrary the result is more natural since we treat both skin and muscle sagging, loss of volume. temples, cheeks and chin as well as the aging of the skin. It is important to consult a specialist for a good examination of your face so that the right gestures are made.


The techniques of liposuction or lipofilling associated with the lifting of the skin of the body have made it possible to restore shape to certain figures that have suffered damage after pregnancy, weight loss by diet or bariatric surgery or after weight gain in part of the yoyo effect of certain diets. We recall, in this context, that liposuction does not treat obesity but only residual fatty deposits after weight loss obtained by a diet with dietary monitoring or by another means that it is medical, for example the gastric balloon or surgical as the gastric sleeve.


Breasts are the very essence of femininity. The current trend is breast augmentation which is done either by prostheses or by injections of fat or by both at the same time. The experience of the plastic surgeon is very important to guide you in the choice and the technique of implantation of the prosthesis. Conversely, voluminous breasts are troublesome in everyday life and have repercussions on the support of the back, it is therefore desirable to consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon who will know how to choose the best technique to reduce them safely for the areola and nipple.

Treatment by injections

Aesthetic medicine is booming by the speed of the act that is done in the office, by the absence of a period of social exclusion and above all by the refinement of its techniques which are becoming better codified. We mainly use 2 types of injection, the hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin commonly known as BOTOX Hyaluronic acid is used in different forms and in different concentrations to hydrate or stimulate tired skin or to give volume to the cheeks, chin or lips. Botulinum toxin acts differently, its injection temporarily blocks the contraction of certain muscles responsible for expression lines, the face appears rejuvenated and relaxed.


The office

My professional team and I will be delighted to welcome you to our premises which we have chosen to be bright and welcoming so that you can feel comfortable there. The practice is located within a multidisciplinary medical group, located in one of the best-known clinics in Tunis.